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With 18+ years of expertise, Growth Catalyst delivers premier soft skill training for individuals and corporations. We seamlessly integrate work and personal life, providing advanced courses and PCC-certified trainers.

We focus on

Mind Strength

Intrapersonal skills


Emotional Intelligence

Interpersonal skills

Social Quotient

Soft Skill Training

Time to upgrade your career, communication, and leadership skills for lasting success.

Social Skills

To manage people around us or within a team like Communication, Conflict resolution, problem-solving, EQ/SQ

Cognitive Skills

To think, learn, remember, and reason. It is used to process any new information and articulate it

Focal Skills

To operate at the highest potential and influence the overall learning ability


For effective strategies and practical solutions, guiding you to achieve your ultimate goals.

Customized Learning Journey

Are you unsure about your needs? Let us guide you towards the skills that will elevate your personal and professional growth

Problem Discovery Session

Start with an exploratory conversation to define and understand the unique challenges hindering your progress.

Skill Selection

Collaboratively find out the skills best suited to tackle your specific challenges and aspirations.

Customized Learning Methods

Choose the ideal method – courses, workshops, or action-oriented sessions for an individualized and impactful learning journey.

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Meet Mr. Gopa Kumar

Certified Coach (PCC)

from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)

Psychology for performance

Stanford University


(Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) practitioner.

Associated with schools and voluntary organizations

across Dubai, India, and the Philippines to impart value and moral education in synergy with academics.

Trainer on

“Power Skills” and “Mental Resilience” to corporates

Savoir-Relier Leadership program

from HEC Paris – 21st-century Leaders

18+ years

with organizations including GE, Citi, IBM, and ENBD.

Author of the book

“7 Strides to Better Life”- A Complete Guide to Self Mastery.

Our Services


The Enablers - Soft Skill Training

Elevate your potential with our course “The Enablers”, designed to sharpen your soft skills and empower you for personal and professional success.


Individual Coaching

Personalized coaching to unlock your full potential. Our expert guidance helps you navigate challenges, set goals, and achieve remarkable personal and professional growth.


Corporate Training

Transform your workforce with our tailored corporate training programs. We equip teams with essential skills, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and sustained success.


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