The Enablers

Need of the "HOUR"

What research has to say…

Stanford Research Institute

Research conducted with Fortune 500 CEOs by the Stanford Research Institute International and the Carnegie Melon Foundation

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Harvard University

Harvard University reported that 85% of success at the workplace is attributed to Soft skills and only 15% to technical skills.

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The Soft Skills Disconnect!

Employers spent $ 175 Bn on staff training and only 27.6% was
for soft skills

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The Soft Skills Disconnect!

If soft skills are 6 times more important than hard skills, why is 3/4th of training cost going towards hard skills?

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The Enablers!

Holistic bottoms-up approach to human development skills

A transformative 7-week Program with ” The Enablers.” This program meticulously hones your focal,
cognitive, and social skills, providing a comprehensive skill-building experience.

The Enables = Focal Skills (Cognitive Skills + Social Skills)

Tip of the Iceberg Concept:

Imagine skill development as an iceberg. Hard skills, seen above water, are like normal courses and training for languages, tools, coding, etc. Yet, the real foundation, below the surface, is “The Enablers—social, cognitive, and focal skills”. Mastering enablers shapes true competence and success.

Enablers Framework:

In the Enablers program, we focus on three key skills: focal, social, and cognitive. These skills work together, making it easier for you to learn hard skills effortlessly after mastering them.

Skills you’ll Acquire

Focal Skills

Cognitive Skills

Social Skills

Transformative Outcomes of the Enablers Program

  • Improve wellness and mental strength
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Enhance attention span and purpose creation
  • Elevate social quotient and resilience
  • Excel in your core job with teams
  • Become an effective problem solver
  • Innovate while aligning with values, ethics, and awareness

Kickstart Your Transformational Journey with Growth Catalyst

Kickstart Your Transformational
Journey with Growth Catalyst